Is this Feud Over and Has a New Feud Started?

"Car Racing dot com logo"Good day race fans, this is Anthony and this is my view from the “couch”. After two exciting weeks of plenty or NASCAR drama, then a weekend off with no NASCAR, I am craving some more NASCAR drama. Where do we start, the large paper clip in Martinsville always has drivers leaving that race hot, and after the past 2 races some drivers are going into Martinsville hot. Is the Logano-Hamlin feud over, and will Tony Stewart get even with Logano’s water bottle? Will we see Gordon and Boywer revive their Feud where it began a year ago?

My view from the couch is mixed about the Logano and Hamlin feud; I believe Logano did a great job of getting in Hamlin’s head all day at California. I do believe Logano was racing for the win in turn 4, and if he wasn’t going to win he wouldn’t let Hamlin win either, but when there is an injury or a scary crash Feuds have a tendency of calming down, just like Carl Edward crashed Brad Keselowski at Atlanta in 2010. We all wish Denny Hamlin a quick and health recovery also, but I do believe this feud is over just as quickly as it started.

What is the next upcoming feud going into Martinsville? I do wonder if Tony Stewart will get even with that pesky water bottle. I am a fan of Tony Stewart and at times he can be a great ambassador for NASCAR, but these crazy outbursts from a veteran in this sport to act the way he did is surprising. Tony did not have the car to win the race, if he was able to pass Logano and take the lead after turn 2 would he have blocked the rest of the competitors for the win like he did in Talladega last fall. Did Michael Waltrip get out of his car in Talladega and run around and call Tony Stewart a witch (switch the w for a b) and start pushing and running after Tony after the Talladega race? None of the competitors did that afternoon. What was the real meaning behind his motives? He didn’t get really upset until Logano threw the water bottle he said in an interview… HMM, can we get a water bottle sponsor on one of these cars quickly? Is this a new feud or is this over with already? This one is intriguing.

I do believe the true feud after the California race should be between NASCAR, the teams and the drivers feuding against track owners and track promoters. In this day and age when it seems that cars can wreck everywhere and anywhere on the track; as in some cases where the cars are trying to fly off the track and wreck, that there is no safer barriers on every wall on the outside wall and the inside walls. Can track owners and promoters put a price on the safety of its drivers in all the different series of racing on a track and even more the fans that come out and pay the money to see these races? I do believe NASCAR should mandate that all tracks comply with the safety needed for their drivers or remove the track from the schedule.

Feuds are good for the sport, everybody loves drama, reality TV is addicting, and I do enjoy it, but nobody wants to see injuries. Whose turn is it this week? Somebody is going to leave Martinsville UNHAPPY, I can see the Bowyer and Gordon Feud comes back to life; now that tandem is like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Good luck to the drivers this week and the beaten and banging at Martinsville.

Anthony Quintana, From the Couch


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